Our Property Management Service

Different properties require different advertising. As experienced and qualified marketers we are able to promote your property across a broad range of channels. These include:

* Newspapers
* Internet sites
* Third party internet sites
* Property guides
* Industry magazines
* Rent lists
* Past customer and other databases

If you require permanent or holiday property management services the requriements are somewhat different. Permament letting may be best when you prefer a steady income. Holiday letting may be especially of benefit if you wish to use the property at different times. Along with the additional flexibility of holiday letting there is also often higher income and a more regular change of tenancies. More regular changes in tenancy allows for more frequent inspections, professional cleaning, and maintenance. If you are considering renting a property we are happy to sit down and discuss the various options available to you.

Our property management services also extend to maintenance and refurbishment. Whether it's a small improvement, or a full renovation we can arrange for qualified tradespeople to attend to the needs of your investment. We can help to make it easier for you by overseeing the work on a daily basis. We have a network of tradespeople who can attend to any matter and who stand by their work.

As letting agents we are also aware of the expectations of guests and tenants and can provide a consultation as to how best to maximise your rental returns. The majority of the improvements you can make to a property will also help maximize the capital value of your investement. We are happy to discuss this as part of our property managent service.

Managing an apartment doesn't just entail collecting rent and sending the cheques to the owners. Property Management is about protecting an investment. If you buy a stock, you expect the Directors to do their utmost for the share price and dividends. With property management the responsibility is no different. A property manager must be concerned with both maximising rental returns and maximising the value of the asset. We call this Asset Management, please call us to receive a copy of our asset management profile.